Rosemary Dried 30gr

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Rosemary – a tonic stimulant of the body.

Scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is a herb that originates from the Mediterranean countries but is widely cultivated all over the world. From ancient times the rosemary was used for its medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic agent.

Some of its applications in traditional medicine were related to the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nervous and reproductive systems. The ancient Greek students wore rosemary wreaths on their heads when they had a study for exams because it increases blood circulation to the part where we place it.

In the gastrointestinal tract, it fights intestinal infections and parasites (amoebae, “worms”), diarrhea, indigestion, colitis, constipation, flatulence, etc.

Healing properties

  • Helps memory
  • Relieves headache
  • Antimicrobial action
  • Bactericidal action
  • Antioxidant action
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Reduction of glucose and cholesterol
  • Bloating


Some ways to use

It is administered in any form as an infusion, decoction, essential oil, extract


  • Consumption during pregnancy is not recommended.
  • Consumption by people suffering from hypertension and epilepsy is not recommended.
  • Rosemary is a valuable herb but overconsumption causes side effects such as convulsions and dizziness.
  • Because rosemary has not been studied in children, it is not recommended for medical use in persons under 18 years of age. However it is safe for consumption as a spice in food.


The presentation of herbs is for informational purposes only. Herbs should be consumed with caution and with the consent of the doctor, especially for those who are receiving medical treatment, but also for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Herbs are not drugs, nor should we consume them recklessly. They cannot cure all diseases. Plants should be used in moderation and always on the advice of experts who know better. Before using any herb, it is essential to make sure it is the right one. Misidentification of herbs is often the cause of many side effects.



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