Mint Leaves Dried 25gr

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Peppermint – the peppery herb with a thousand properties

Scientific name – Mentha Piperita

Peppermint is an herb derived from the Mentha plant related to spearmint and fennel. There are more than 25 different types of peppermint. It is generally one of the most aromatic, peppery and pleasant to taste plants, with thousands of healing properties.

Peppermint comes from the East and is mentioned as a stomach palliative, in the Embers papyrus, the oldest medical text, in ancient Egypt.

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates and Galen used it against indigestion, nervous disorders, dizziness, insomnia, gastritis, cough, cold, sore throat and as an antispasmodic. Dioskourides considered it as warming and therefore aphrodisiac.

Some of the healing properties

  • It seems to help the memory, for this reason, it is recommended during exam periods.
  • It is antispasmodic. Soothes the smooth muscle that runs through the digestive system, reducing muscle spasms.
  • for digestive problems, helps people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Preclinical research suggests that peppermint protects against DNA damage caused by radioactivity and cell death.
  • It can help with symptoms of colds and flu with disengagement of the respiratory airways and tract.
  • It is helpful for headaches.
  • Pepperint acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from the formation of cancer cells.
  • It also acts as a mild sedative and has soothing properties.
  • Used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Some ways to use

  • Peppermint oil
  • infusion of the leaves
  • decoction
  • peppermint leaves raw to chew
  • peppermint leaves in cooking / confectionery / distillery as flavoring and aromatic


  • Peppermint oil and tincture should not be used in infants and young children.
  • It should be avoided when there is a stomach ulcer.
  • It should be avoided during breast-feeding because it is considered to help stop the production of breast milk.


The presentation of herbs is for informational purposes only. Herbs should be consumed with caution and with the consent of the doctor, especially for those who are receiving medical treatment, but also for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Herbs are not drugs, nor should we consume them recklessly. They cannot cure all diseases. Plants should be used in moderation and always on the advice of experts who know better. Before using any herb, it is essential to make sure it is the right one. Misidentification of herbs is often the cause of many side effects.



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