Dittany 35gr

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Dittany – the soothing

Scientific name – Origanum Dictamnus

An herb that grows on steep slopes of gorges and ravines but also on steep coastal rocks and has healing and soothing properties. The most famous of the Cretan endemic plants. It stops the blood in wounds and causes arousal. And in the Middle Ages they used it as an ingredient in their liqueurs which were great appetizers and digestives.

Healing properties

  • tonic
  • stimulant of the digestive system
  • antispasmodic
  • styptic
  • healing
  • soothes stomach and intestinal pains
  • diuretic
  • cholagogue
  • emmenagogue
  • fights amoebae
  • Relieves headaches and toothaches
  • antiseptic action for wound healing
  • acts as an effective antioxidant
  • Recommended for nervous disorders, nervous headaches and other diseases of the nervous system

Some ways to use

Its leaves and flowering tops are used as infusions, decoctions, poultices and tinctures


  • Do not use it daily because it causes toxic side effects.
  • It can cause termination of pregnancy when it is often consumed by a pregnant woman.

In general, however, as in the case of any plant that has healing properties, it should not be used recklessly, because then its action is reversed and from therapeutic it becomes toxic due to overdose of its active ingredients.


The presentation of herbs is for informational purposes only. Herbs should be consumed with caution and with the consent of the doctor, especially for those who are receiving medical treatment, but also for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Herbs are not drugs, nor should we consume them recklessly. They cannot cure all diseases. Plants should be used in moderation and always on the advice of experts who know better. Before using any herb, it is essential to make sure it is the right one. Misidentification of herbs is often the cause of many side effects.



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